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Welcome to Lore Link!

We’re glad you’ve decided to come take a look at what we’re doing. Note that this product is still in Early Access, which means that means new features will arrive, existing features may move around, and sadly bugs may still exist. That means that we would love to hear from you if you have any comments or concerns about the above. You can either leave us a comment from the app or this website, by clicking on the link labelled contact.

Getting Around in Lore Link

If you’re curious about how to get around in Lore Link, we have several different options for you. You can watch the video below, where Mark walks through setting up an example campaign. If you’re more the reading rather than watching type, a text breakdown of the video can be found here. Lastly, if you’re looking into how a particular functions can be used, use the glossary below to find more specific help. The help section below is being constantly updated with new information, so check back for new information as the product develops!

Tutorial Video Transcript