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The basis for all of your work in Lore Link is the Campaign. A Campaign is your starting point in Lore Link. The Campaign will hold all of the events, people, places and things you populate in your game. Think of campaigns in Lore Link as the container that you will pour all your ideas for the story that you want to tell with your players. You will store some basic information on the Campaign such as a high level overview, an introduction for players, and what game system you will be using.


Every Game Object that you create in Lore Link will have the ability to have Notes added to it. These Notes are chunks of information that you can add in order to store information we don’t have a field for instance, a quick reference, an image (via Markdown linking), or a handout for the Players.

About Markdown

In Lore Link, short pieces of information (like names, brief descriptions, etc.,) are entered and stored as plain text. However, larger blocks of information (such as character stats, room descriptions, NPC data, etc.,) are stored in a format called Markdown. Markdown is an open format used to create plain-text documents that include easy to read and write formatting information. It can quickly create well-formatted chunks of text, and even include hyperlinks and images (currently only through your own web-based storage).

If you don’t know Markdown, don’t worry! Everywhere Markdown is used in Lore Link will have a built in editor included, as well as the ability to preview what the final product will look like when used in the GM dashboard in future versions of Lore Link.

If you would like to learn more, check out the Markdown Cheat Sheet.