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Welcome to Lore Link, a premium-quality RPG campaign management tool for Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, Storytellers and Keepers of all types. Here, you’ll find all the pieces you’ll need to ensure that each and every one of your campaigns runs smoothly and results in both yourself and your players having the smoothest, most enjoyable experience possible during your sessions.

Let us tell you a tale…

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You’re the GM of a new campaign, and the party has met with the King of the realm. His Highness has assigned them an objective and advised them to talk to his Minister of Finance, Lord Terhan, in order to gain the information they need. What the party doesn’t know, however, is that Lord Terhan, is planning to betray the king. The evil witch, Contessa, has cursed Lord Terhan’s wife with an illness and is blackmailing him to betray the King and preemptively eliminate the party, holding his wife’s health as ransom. One of the players incurs the ire of Lord Terhan when he accuses the Minister of caring more about money and power than his own wife.

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Later on, when the party returns, the King assigns Lord Terhan to compensate the party for achieving the objective the King assigned to them. Unbeknownst to either the King or the party, the Minister has received some cursed gold from Contessa. In revenge for the comment the party member made, Lord Terhan makes sure the cursed gold goes to the player character who accused him of not caring about his wife. When the player goes to use the gold to pay for something, or even transfer it into a safe/locked chest, they’re in for a nasty surprise!

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This is an excellent narrative, dear Game Master, but now you have to:

  • Keep track of the character sheets for the King, Contessa and Lord Terhan
  • Keep track of the item information for the cursed gold: which curse is attached and what it does, what triggers the curse to take action, how much gold is in the pile, whether it can be de-cursed prior to triggering
  • Know all the rules for this scenario
  • Remember which rolls and checks the party can make to see what they know/notice about the situation
  • Know whether the items in the party’s inventory may or may not have an affect on the situation

The list truly could go on here. The question is, how are you going to manage all this information? Enter Lore Link, a premium-quality RPG campaign management tool for Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, Storytellers and Keepers of all types. Lore Link offers the ability for you to establish Lore for your game in the form of Characters, Villains, Items, Locations, and Events. It helps you speed up the creation process by allowing you to create Templates and Custom Fields. Once you’ve created all of that, you can then link that Lore together for quick access, organize that Lore into Sessions or Timelines or Tag them with your own custom tags to organize them how you want. Add color to your world with maps and images, mark up your text with an WYSIWIG editor, and even add references to an online rules reference for your game.