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Designed For GMs

A set of dice being rolled in front of a set of plate mail armor on a table by Carlos Felipe Ramirez Mesa from Unsplash

Lore Link is designed for the hardest working player at the gaming table: The GM (or DM, Storyteller, Chronicler, Referee, or Keeper) Whatever name they are called, they’re responsible for getting the game started, keeping it started, and wrapping it up in such a way that everyone wants to come back for more. We believe that the GM should spend their time during the game interacting with their players, enjoying themselves, not stressing over stats, rules, and keeping notes. Lore Link is to designed to help GMs plan our their campaign in a quick, straightforward way, and then make it easy to quickly navigate through the mountains of information you’ve created about your adventure.

Designed by GMs

Headshots of (from left to right) Martine Dowden, Mike Dowden, and Mark Della-Croce

Lore Link is designed by a team of long term TTRPG players and GMs many of whom have been playing and running a wide variety of TTRPG games for over 20 years. That means we aren’t just designing and developing this software in a vacuum, we’re using it in our own games that we play with our friends. Real world testing means we quickly figure what works and what doesn’t work during planning and actual play sessions.

Collection of TTRPG books on a shelf. A mix of games from various generations including D&D, Feng Shui, and Shadowrun

Designed for all systems, not just one

The world of tabletop RPGs is a broad one. There’s the big named ones like D&D, Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu, the classics like World of Darkness, Fate, and Shadowrun, and the up and coming like Blades in the Dark, Kids on Brooms, or Spire. Just because you start in one system, doesn’t mean you won’t find something new and exciting to challenge your group or change up the pace. Lore Link won’t tie you down to a particular system, but will give you the option to customize your experience to whatever system you running in your games. Or even let you change it on a campaign by campaign basis if you’re lucky enough to have multiple groups running at the same time!

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Designed for all GMs, not just one

When we say there’s games for everyone out there, we mean everyone. No matter how you play, Lore Link should be usable for you. Our team has experts in Web Accessibility to make sure that no matter how you access Lore Link (whether with a screen reader, large font, a phone, a tablet, keyboard or mouse) it’s just as usable for you as it is for anyone else.

Designed to be stable, flexible, and scalable

We’re not a fly by night team just tossing this product out in the window. Lore Link is backed by Andromeda Galactic, a company that has been building web applications for over 10+. Lead by Michael and Martine Dowden, multi-year Microsoft MVPs and Google Experts, they know what it takes to create an application that can scale and grow over time. So you don’t have to worry about waking up to find your important notes unavailable at game time due to bad patch or because too many users logged on this morning.

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