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Welcome to Lore Link, a premium-quality RPG campaign management tool for Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, Storytellers and Keepers of all types. Here, you'll find all the pieces you'll need to ensure that each and every one of your campaigns runs smoothly and results in both yourself and your players having the smoothest, most enjoyable experience possible during your sessions.

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First off, we're looking for users who are willing to use Lore Link to plan their games. We're looking for people to run it through its paces, and let us know what works and what doesn't. Communication is key, as we're looking at how people are using it, and what we need to improve upon, and we can't figure that out if no one tells us! To this end, not only is there a Provide Feedback link at the top of the page, but we will also be sending out feedback surveys during the testing period, and we really hope you give those a look and answer them to the best of your ability.

What's in it for you?

So, what's in it for you? Well, active testers, and I can not stress active enough, will be given the opportunity to move on into the beta testing group, and as long as they remain active through the beta period, they will then be offered a year's Premium subscription to Lore Link. We might also throw in a special Lore Link d6 for your troubles, as well. Active is defined as, well, users who are actively using the system, uploading campaign materials, and using it with their games. They need to be sending feedback and responding to surveys. All in all, it's what you would expect active to mean.How do you get in on this? Click Here To Sign Up

We're really looking forward to you seeing what we've built!

See Lore Link in Action


We stream once weekly on Twitch, showing off Lore Link and all it can do. Come join us for planning sessions where we show you how to utilize the Lore Link app to store all the information for campaigns. We also run actual games where you can watch our founder run game sessions, featuring the GM screen prominently so that you can see how Lore Link works in real time.

We also occasionally run a video game stream featuring some old school and obscure RPG games, so there's fun for everyone over at lorelinkrpg!