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Timelines are really handy for those GMs who really like to create an elaborate backstory for their campaign. It is also great for those who are running in an existing world known for having epic events occurring over the course of many years. Timelines allow you to keep track of whether an event happens before, after, or even during another event. Plus, Lore Link will support creating one or more Timelines which you can use to sort out your main Timeline, group them together in custom-named intervals, and of course, place your game session on the Timeline. You’re also able to keep track of your timeline in game, in case a player wants to know what day it is, or whether your players went to the haunted house before or after getting cursed by an old vampire woman.

An image of an time line (called Prior to Arrival), showing two events and interval which is shown (via a section on the right) to define a period of time called "During House Construction"