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As your game world gets bigger and bigger, you’ll find that when writing about one piece of Lore, you’ll want to reference another. Maybe NPC A is a daughter of NPC B, or one of your villains had a defining event in a particular Location. The Mention system enables you to easily turn those references into links to the mentioned item, just as easily as you would tag someone on social media. Use either the keyboard shortcut or the button on the toolbar, search for an item you want to mention, select it, and a link directly to that item will be added to your text. This system in the future will even let you mention Rules References, allowing you to quickly add links to those often needed or obscure web based rules references.

The user types in the description field and types the # symbol. This opens an inline popup window which allows the user to search for existing Lore. Selecting Lore adds a link to the selected Lore directly inline.