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What we’re about

Lore Link is a online digital toolkit built for GMs by GMs. We’re building it so that GMs can spend less time struggling with paperwork and accounting and more time doing the thing they love: playing games with their friends. And we believe that everyone is welcomed at the table, so we aim to make sure that our tools are system agnostic and accessible.

Who we are

Headshot of Mark Della-Croce
Mark Della-Croce got his earliest start in the tabletop gaming world literally pick pocketing a family friend who was so deeply involved in their D&D game they would only notice the theft after the game finished. That display of rogue skills earned him a spot as a monster in their game and a t-shirt to go with it (Dungeon Urchin: Dex 18) and would stick with him throughout his life. He sees Lore Link as the natural combination of the skills he’s learned thru years in both software (application, then later game) development and his life long love of tabletop gaming. He’s seen first hand how tabletop gaming can build and grow lifelong friendships and wants to make sure that everyone, no matter who, where, or how they are playing can have that same chance.

What we’re building

Lore Link is a campaign management tools for GMs. It provides GMs with a quick an easy way to look up details about their campaign. This means that GMs can spend less time searching through their notes and more time interacting with their players, whether online or in person. GMs can quickly look at an area, see what other areas are connected to it, see who is in the room, what items their carrying, and the fact that they have a personal vendetta against a certain player for a past slight. It’s system agnostic so it can be used to support whatever game you happening to be running whether it’s D&D, Call of Cthulhu or World of Darkness. It’s designed to give GMs an overarching structure to help guide build their campaigns, but provide enough flexibility to allow them to expand as their world grows over time.