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An image is said to be worth a thousand words, and nowhere is that more true than in TTRPGs. The right image can spark the imagination of the shifty nature of their inside contact, set the mood of the spooky castle in the woods, impress on the players the immense size of the monster bearing down on them, or even just give them a sense of direction and scale with a map.

Lore Link will allow you to add images to every piece of Lore through our Image Library system. You will be able to link directly to an image on the web* you have stored elsewhere or upload your own image. You can filter and sort these images however you want with folders, tag images with keywords in order to ease searching for them later, and provide alt text for all your images to make sure that your game is accessible to all your players. And because the Image Library isn’t linked to a particular campaign, you can reuse the same images again and again. We promise we won’t tell your players.

** Please note that for copyright purposes, we will not allow direct links to Google Images or to stock photography sites like Shutterstock or Getty.*

Animated demonstration of the user adding and managing their image in the image library.