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Hello again, it’s Mark Della-Croce, Product Lead for Lore Link! We made it to November! What a year it has been so far, and it isn’t over yet! Lots of exciting stuff this month, so let’s get started.

To wrap up spooky season on our Twitch channel last month, we planned out and played the Alien RPG from Free League Publishing. This was a great system that gave us an excellent opportunity to talk about how some Horror TTRPG mechanics work, how important it is for consent and player safety, and how to keep the tension up in a horror game. We then played through the first part of the included starter adventure, “Hope’s Last Day,” to the delight and stress of our players! So far in November, Mike and I have played through the Tabletop Game turned Video Game, soon to be Roleplaying Game megahit Gloomhaven. Then, just this week, we planned a game in the award-winning Coyote and Crow system, the science fiction game set in an uncolonized future. It’s a fascinating game with an amazingly unique world designed by Indigenous and First Nations people. You can check it out at www.coyoteandcrow.net and support them during Native American Heritage Month. If you missed any of these adventures, all VODs are available on our YouTube channel! Speaking of YouTube, thanks to the magic of technology, we’re now streaming to both YouTube Live and Twitch! That means we’ll have a more immediate and complete collection of our VODs instantly available on YouTube, including our video game streams!

A screen capture of the live stream, with Mark in the top left and players across the bottom. It's showing the map where they run into the xenomorph.

The Lore Link Plays crew encounters the titular Alien..it did not go well for either side.

Now, onto the exciting news! We have dates for Early Access for Lore Link! I sincerely apologize for the delay in getting this out there. We had hoped to hit our estimated October date, but we wanted to make 100% sure that our backend systems were stable before allowing Early Access users into the system. We know how much time and effort GMs put into their worlds, and we want to make sure that they don’t lose any of that effort that they’ve trusted to us. But we’re now happy with the system’s state and have dates for you! So here’s how the process is going to work:

Sometime next week (November 19th - 25th), you’ll get an email from BackerKit. It’ll look like the image below. Clicking the link will take you to Lore Link’s Backer Kit backer survey. There, you can finalize the email address to which you want your Discord invite and the Early Access Lore Link invite to be sent. If you’ve decided you wanted to upgrade to a higher pledge level (like from the Quest to the Ultimate Boon), you can do that then. Note: If you’re a Kickstarter backer, adding on something in BackerKit is the only way you’ll be charged for something during this process. We’ve already collected from Kickstarter Backers and will collect from late backers on BackerKit when the surveys are sent out. Thanks again for your support!

Screen capture showing where the Switch Pledge option is located under the Get Started Button

In case you want to bump your pledge level up.
  • Watch that email you sent out after you’ve locked in your response! You’ll first get an email giving access to our Discord server, letting you join other Lore Link backers in discussing Lore Link, TTRPGs, and that one character in Baldur’s Gate 3. Do be sure to read the rules when joining the server, though. We want to ensure everyone can enjoy their time on the server.
  • After that, we’ll send codes to those backers who qualified at levels that gained Early Access ($10 and above). Once you have your Access Code, go to app.lorelink.com, create an account, and enter the access code you have received when prompted.
  • After that, Lore Link Early Access is yours! If you need help planning your campaigns, check out our YouTube channel or ask for help on our Discord channel.
    What’s that you say? Did you forget to back Lore Link? It’s okay, we’ve been busy too. As this newsletter is being sent out, late backing is still available on BackerKit. So please don’t put it off any longer! Last warning!

Capture of the email backers will be receiving to gain access to Early Access. It shows an image of the Lore Link image on the backdrop of hexagons above text that reads "We need your response!"

One email you’ll really not want to miss!

Till then, be thankful for your players! They spark life in the worlds we create, no matter how often you’re convinced they want to watch it all burn…

Mark Della-Croce Lore Link Product Lead
November 2023