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Hey all! Mark Della-Croce, back from abroad to deliver a another quick newsletter. October’s a busy month, and it’s already halfway through! Let’s go!

The awesome part about being part of a team is that it means when you step away for an oft-delayed vacation (we planned the first version of the trip for a little year called 2020…) you’ve got more than capable people able to step in! That mean, even though I was gone, our Twitch channel still got new content! Martine Dowden stepped in to bring her perspective to building and running games as she built out the classic D&D adventure Sunless Citadel in Lore Link! We’ll likely have some parts of that video series (some technical gremlins got in the Halloween Trick or Treat spirit a bit early sadly) available on our YouTube channel and you can catch her streaming on her own Twitch channel every Thursday! Additionally, Twenty, often seen moderating the Lore Link Twitch channel, also stepped in to run a stream and showed off the fun Tabletop styled RPG For The King. You can catch her streaming regularly on her Twitch channel! We’re back to a slightly more regular streaming schedule with me (Mark) behind the wheel again. This week, I played a little bit of the classic TTRPG meets Comptuer RPG game Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Next week (10/24) you’ll find me talking about Horror TTRPGs and how/if? they work while building out the starter adventure from the Year Zero System TTRPG Alien. We’ll be looking to play that game with the Lore Link crew on a special Monday stream (October 30th, so as to give the crew the night off to spend Halloween with their friends and family!). Lastly, children’s charities are more important than ever in these chaotic times, and we’ll be continuing our support for the Extra Life Children’s Charity with a stream over at Andromeda Galactic’s Twitch channel on November 4th!

Screen cap of Martine adding information from Sunless Citadel into Lore Link.

Martine is working hard getting notes into Lore Link for a game November 3rd

Lore Link Early Access continues to move forward with a ton of work being done over the last few weeks, clearing tech debt and scrubbing out bugs. This has lead to us a cleaner, up-to-date platform that we can work from. We’re now in the process of double- checking for any more tricky hidden bugs in the corners. After ensuring a stable foundation we’ll be adding the last few key features needed for Early Access, and then sending out Early Access keys in November. That means if you were wanting to the last possible minute get your Late Backing in over on BackerKit you’ve reached! Back Now, or be left out in the cold looking in at all the happy people enjoying their Early Access!

Image of a laptop in the lower corner with Lore Link on the screen. Looking over the top of the monitor, you see large windows and nothing but ocean reaching out to the horizon.

Even I pitched in from overseas, literally in this case. That's the Pacific Ocean out that window.

All that to say, while September might have had a busy first half of the month with a calmer back half, October is going to have a crowded back half of the month! I need to get back to the Feature Shipyards (to ship out features. Get it? Ah, developer humor, the 0 index of humor. Sorry, I’ll stop…)

Till next time, may your Halloween subplot have your players as scared as Dread players staring at the cat that just jumped on the table….(p.s. Play Dread. It makes Jenga the scariest game ever…)

Mark Della-Croce Lore Link Product Lead
Artwork of a Halloween scene. In the foreground are two characters carrying treat bags dressed as ghosts. One is in a wizard's hat, and one a barbarian helmet. They're going up a path lined with some jack-o-lanterns, leading to a creepy looking house. There is a full moon in the sky, and bats flying overhead.
Wendy and Bobby will do anything for free treats, including visiting creepy houses.
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