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Hi there, Mark Della-Croce with a short but important set of updates about Lore Link. I’m going to keep it brief as we have so much to do, but I want to keep you all in the loop!

First of all, our Twitch streams are continuing, though we’ve fallen prey to the dreaded schedule conflicts that plague all roleplaying groups, even passionate ones like us. We’ve pivoted and made the best of it and played several fun TTRPG video games, like Solasta, Dragons of Krynn, and Mechwarrior! As always, catch our streams live on our Twitch channel and catch the VODs on our YouTube channel!

Mark D.C. plays through the strategy video game BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception. He is plotting movement for his mech through a forest.
Yes, I know the title of the file is Mechwarrior. We played that first. Good eye!
They spared no expense on the graphics, at the time.

Secondly, the countdown to Origins continues, with us heading to Columbus, Ohio next week. As you can see below, we’re hard at work getting everything just right. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there. Stop by our booth (#730) to stay hi and see what we’ve got. We’ll have branded dice to give away, cool pins to sell, and of course, Lore Link to show off!

A map that shows booth 730 in the origins 2023 exhibit circled, with an arrow pointing to it saying "Lore Link"
You can find us here at Origins Game Fair.

And lastly, following up on the exciting news from last week, we have a date for our Kickstarter! We’ll be going live on June 19th (barring any last minute difficulties from getting all the moving pieces lined up just right). Check your inboxes for a special link to the preview page in the coming days!

The letter K in the font and color of the Kickstarter logo.

Coming soon. Very soon.

Till then, it’s back to work for me! May your players finally connect the dots and see your “hidden” master plan!

Mark Della-Croce Product Lead for Lore Link
An image of the backdrop for the Lore Link booth. It is the Lore Link Logo and Wordmark as well as the company website: www.lorelink.com as well as multicolored hexes in the background.
Remember! Booth 730! Look for this banner!
June 2023