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Hey there, everyone!

Tony Troxell here! For those who don’t know me, I’m the one who pokes Mark with a sharp stick every month, so you all can see what’s going on with Lore Link.

I usually just do one email a month, but a lot has happened since the last one, and we wanted to make sure everyone was up to speed!


Lore Link is now on Kickstarter! We launched this past Thursday and are currently 36% of the way toward our $5,000 goal. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the page yet, you really should. We have levels to just show your support, gain early access, and even have Mark show up at your house (not randomly) to run a game! Visit the Kickstarter page to see all the levels, and hopefully back us! Also, please, share the campaign with your friends, especially those who are GMs. We would love to have them on board!

Origins Game Fair

Over the weekend (technically, starting last Thursday), we had a booth at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio. This was our first opportunity to put Lore Link out there in front of the public, and we received some fantastic feedback. In addition, we had the opportunity to speak to some other digital tool creators, as well as game designers, and we are looking forward to following up with all of them, and seeing how we can possibly work together! Last but certainly not least, we signed up a good batch of new email subscribers, so hello to all of you! It was a great but tiring weekend, and we’re taking a day or so to catch up with everything we missed last week.

Mark, the mind behind Lore Link, grinning and pointing to Lore Link on the long list of vendors at Origins 2023.

What is that Mark spies?

Close up of Lore Link's name on the Origins vendor list

It’s Lore Link being all official on the vendor list!

With that, I’m going to let you all go. The next newsletter will probably be sent out after the Kickstarter ends, so in the meantime feel free to follow us on Twitter, give us a look on Facebook, watch the weekly Twitch streams, and subscribe to our YouTube. Or, at the very least, please don’t report me as “spam!”

Thanks again for all of your support,

Tony Troxell, Social Media Manager, Lore Link
Emily and Mark, standing in the Lore Link booth at Origins, ready for a day of demoing and signing people up for the Kickstarter.
Emily and Mark, smiling and ready to demo Lore Link at Origins!
28 June 2023