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Hey there, everyone!

Tony here, filling in for Mark. You might recognize me from such works as “The Lore Link Twitter Account,” “The Guy at Origins Promising Not To Spam You,” and “Kickstarter Updates #1, #2, and #3.” As I said, I’m filling in for Mark as we’re wrapping up our Kickstarter, and I wanted to make sure you all were kept in the loop on what’s happening.


Banner with the Kickstarter and Lore Link Logos, with a hex background, stating "Almost Funded."

At the time of writing this update, we’re 74% of the way to being fully funded! We have been granted a +7 to our Kickstarter duration, which means instead of everything wrapping up tomorrow (Saturday, the 22nd) we will be wrapping up a week from tomorrow (Saturday, the 29th). For those of you who are curious, so far, “The Ultimate Boon” at $50 has been the most popular level, and we still have spots in the higher-level tiers open for those who want to work with the team in setting up your game in Lore Link, or for those who want Mark to run a game for them. As we go into this final week, please help us by sharing the campaign with your fellow game runners, sharing our social media posts, and get us pushed over that $5,000 goal, and if you haven’t yet, back us today at our Kickstarter Page. We’d really appreciate it, and it will increase your cool factor immensely.

Oh, and there will probably be an extra newsletter towards the beginning of August with a Kickstarter wrap-up from Mark. I wanted to give you all a heads up, in advance.

Gen Con

Banner with hex background, with Lore Link logo, stating "We're going to Gen Con, August 3-6, 2023, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN"

The Best Four Days in Gaming™ is coming to Indianapolis, and Lore Link is going to be there! Held at the Indianapolis Convention Center from August 3rd through the 6th, Lore Link will have a table in the Maker’s Marketplace, found in the hallway between the convention center and Lucas Oil Stadium on Capitol. If you weren’t able to join us over at Origins, then keep an eye on our social media feeds to find out where you can find us over the weekend! We’ll be doing live demos, and giving attendees the opportunity to sign up for Lore Link. We hope to see you there!

The team is also continuing to work on making sure Lore Link is ready for early access this fall, streaming over on Twitch, and putting the streams up on YouTube. In fact, I should probably get back to helping with all of that.

Thank you all for your support, be it testing Lore Link, backing the Kickstarter, or even just reading these newsletters. We appreciate all of you more than you know. Make sure you’re taking good care of yourselves and each other out there, and we’ll see you at Gen Con!

Tony Troxell, Social Media Manager, Lore Link
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