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Greetings, everyone!
2023 was an exciting year for Lore Link. We started off 2023 with some great Twitch streams. The team stopped a takeover of the North Pole with the power of lots of firepower, investigated an ancient horror ritual gone wrong, broke into a famous D&D prison, helped a baker with cake ingredients, and lastly, helped The Doctor help a sentient mall stop a WMD from being auctioned out to the highest-bidding criminal faction. If you missed any of those games or their planning sessions, check out our YouTube channel.

A screen capture showing the many, many live streams done in 2023.

And this is only the last couple of months!

We enjoyed being able to go outside in 2023! We had booths at both Origins 2023 and Gen Con 2023. We got a chance to meet some of you in person, make some great connections with other enthusiastic vendors in the TTRPG space, and of course, pick up some cool new games for our personal collections!

Pictures of the Lore Link table at Origins (left) and Gen Con (right). The origins table has displays, a large monitor, and tables for demos. The Gen Con table has banners and demos on a long table

Our lovely booths and booth people!

Of course, the biggest news out of 2023 was that we started, funded, and then delivered the first part of our Kickstarter campaign! We could only have done this with all of your help, so let me stop and again just say: Thank You! Lore Link kicked off early access in November, and we’re looking forward to getting feedback from our backers on the direction that Lore Link will take in 2024!

A painting of an adventuring party celebrating, with a Lore Link flag in the background and the cries of "Huzzah!" in the air.

Huzzah for funding!

So, what is coming in 2024? Well, January will see us make a push to Affiliate on our Twitch channel. We want to have a more established social media presence, and Twitch is one of the best ways for us to show off who we are and what we want to do with Lore Link. So, if you don’t already follow us on Twitch, we’d greatly appreciate it if you could drop us a follow there to help boost our efforts! We’ve had some great streams going on this month, with Mike having planned out his Quest for the Frozen Flame Pathfinder 2E adventure and Mark having planned out a Blades in the Dark one-shot adventure. Join us later today (January 19th) to see the Lore Link team take on that one-shot adventure, starting at 12:00 ET!

The purple and white Twitch logo

Smash that follow icon!

Stay tuned throughout the rest of the year to see us take on other new adventures and game systems, like Dragonbane, Legend of the 5 Rings, Hard Wired Island, Fabula Ultima, and more! Maybe we’ll even return to some old favorites like Pathfinder or Toon D&D! Or maybe Mark will convince the team to try and trust the computer and play a little Paranoia. We’ll also have different types of content, like sit-down discussions with game creators, and even some development streams where we show off what’s going on behind the scenes at Lore Link.

Timeline-wise this year, we’re looking forward to bringing Lore Link out of Early Access, so everyone will have a chance to check out Lore Link. We’re also looking to return to Origins and hopefully Gen Con, and maybe a few new conventions! Have any suggestions for us? Let us know!

Wow, that’s a lot! We’ve got work to get back to so we’ll leave you here. Check out our BlueSky feed for funny memes and up-to-date information about Lore Link, and of course, follow us on Twitch and help us push for Affiliate!

Till next time, may the new year let you schedule at least one of your game days in advance!

Mark Della-Croce Lore Link Product Lead
January 2024