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You're going to need a way to keep track of your band of rogues. Here we are!

Welcome to April!

Around our parts the weather is starting to warm up, which we know what that means! Yep, you can keep the windows open longer when you’re 3D printing miniatures for your next big game. (Or go running, hiking, or other fun outdoor activities, but those really aren’t on brand for us to talk about) Though much like the plants outside, Lore Link is growing and expanding.

First of all, as always our Twitch channel has had a steady set of weekly adventures, ranging from battling bad old Spelljammer PC games, to talking about how heist adventures can work in Lore Link, to finally showing off how well all that planning plays off when faced with players. Just this week, in fact, our team of Lore Link Players were faced with the task of breaking INTO a prison in the newest free D&D adventure: Prisoner 13. If that, or any of the other adventures sounded interesting to you, follow our Twitch channel, or catch the subtitled versions on our YouTube channel!

Mark GMs a game in the Roll 20 Virtual Table Top system. Four players are in the game (Michael, Martine, Twenty, and Tony). They are shown exploring a prison map. The Lore Link window shows Mark looking at the information about Prisoner 13.
This time the question is… how are they going to get themselves INTO this mess?

As for the Lore Link development side of the house, we’re excited to announce that the Lore Link Application is in testing for a new release! We’re wrapping up all those features we talked about in our newsletter last month (Catch those here if you’re behind!) as well as a few extra ones suggested by users. One of the most eye-catching changes is the redesigned campaigns page! We’ve started incorporating the images you attach to the campaign and Lore in order to help you quickly find and identify the various parts of your campaign. It also helps ground you better in your campaign, as we know many GMs use visual images as inspiration for their campaigns. Take a look!

The Campaign List screen in Lore Link is shown. Each campaign has a status symbol, a title, and a brief description underneath it. Behind that is an image related to the campaign, such as the cover of the module, a key art image from the campaign, or the cover of the rule book.
Look at all those pretty campaign images!

Well, that’s it for now! Until next time, may your players play directly into your plans!

Mark Della-Croce, Lore Link Product Lead
Bobby and Darcy enjoy a pleasant walk through a field past a tree and some pink flowers on a rainy day.  Both are carrying lanterns. Darcy has a mouse peeking out of her cloak, while Bobby carries a large hammer on his shoulder. A dog trots behind while an owl swoops on ahead.
Sometimes it's just nice to walk in the rain, and April brings those showers!
April 2023