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Greeting, Gamers!

Welcome back to the Lore Link newsletter! This month we’re excited to bring you information about more of our features, as well as the upcoming alpha release. First, let’s take a look at Game Object Templates.

Screen shot of Villain template, showing an image, name, short description, full description with markdown, and a preview on how it looks.
How To Make A Villain

We’ve talked before on Twitter about Game Object Templates and how they can be used to easily duplicate data across your campaign. We’ve decided to expand on that idea, and make Templates available to all Lore. This will give you the ability to create a template of a piece of Lore (like a common Inn in every town, a random encounter skeleton, or even the recurring gloating appearance of the villain), and then be able to make other Lore based on that Template. Any changes to the template (like updating the villain’s weapon from a sword to an axe) will be instantly reflected in all Lore that was based on that template. But, you can customize any field on a piece of Lore, unlocking it from the template. This is so you can give that particular villain a different speech or possibly add new minions for them to have with them.

Animated gif going through the process of creating a new game object using the villain template.
Steps are quick and easy

But if while building out the above villain encounter you realized you hadn’t created an entry for Miss McVillain yet? Maybe you forgot to, or maybe you just created the villain while planning out the encounter? Planning and running a tabletop game is a creative process, and we understand it means that everyone approaches it slightly differently.

Something we consider important in Lore Link is that the tool shouldn’t get in the way of your creative process, whatever it might be. So we’re making sure that it is easy to build and create Lore wherever you are in the system, whenever you need to. The quick create button in the upper right hand corner will allow you to add whatever idea has suddenly popped into your head, no matter where you are in the tool. Just click what you want to add, fill out the details right there on that same page, save it, and now you can reference it right away.

We’re going to leave everything there this month, as we don’t want to take up too much of your time. However, before we go, we wanted to talk about the upcoming alpha test. We initially thought about doing it this month, but we realized we’d be competing against holidays, gatherings, and all the normal things that interrupt a gaming group this time of year. So, we are going to hold off until early 2022. When we are ready, the “heads up” email won’t be this one. It will be a separate email, specifically talking about the alpha. These are the only emails we’re looking to send other than the newsletters, so don’t worry! We’re not looking to slowly fill your inbox with Lore Link emails!

With that, we’re going to sign off for this month. We’ll see you with more news in December. Until then, may the dice be in your favor.

The Lore Link Team
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