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Greetings, Gamers!

As the year draws to a close, our team is still working diligently on this project, fueled by candy canes and cookies. At the risk of getting lost in all of your “last minute deals!” emails, we’re back to talk about two more features: Mentions and Graphical Relationship Representation.

Animated gif showing how the Mention system works in Lore Link.

First up, let’s talk about the Mention system. As your game world gets bigger and bigger, you’ll find that when writing about one piece of Lore, you’ll reference another. Maybe one NPC is a relative of another NPC, or one of your villains had a defining event in a particular Location. The Mention system enables you to easily turn those references into links to the mentioned item, just as easily as you would tag someone on social media. Use either the keyboard shortcut or the button on the toolbar, search for an item you want to mention, select it, and a link directly to that item will be added to your text. This system will even let you mention Rules References, allowing you to quickly add links to those often needed or obscure web-based rules references.

Image showing how character graphs connect.

Another way to show connections in Lore Link is through Graphical Relationship Representation. When you’re creating your campaign, you’re often jumping from one idea to another. You might be working on a king one minute, then remembering that you need to create a location for that character to rule over and switch over to that. Then, you might remember that you needed to create the coronation event, and that poor original king never gets finished or connected. Or, maybe you’re creating your multi-floor dungeon, and you want to see if you can quickly see if you’d added a similar number of rooms to each floor. This is where Lore Link’s graphs come into play. You’ll be able to quickly spot orphan Lore like in this picture:

Or you can look at the breakdown of your locations like this (click for larger image):

A gif showing how each piece of Lore connects with other pieces of Lore.

Eventually, you’ll be able to interact with these graphics to jump between Lore or even create new Lore. In fact, we’ll talk about that when we meet again in January!

Before we go, there are a few things we want to touch base on. First off, do you have any friends who might be interested in Lore Link? If so, please send them to our website and have them sign up for the newsletter! It’s the best way to find out more about Lore Link, and it’s also the only way to be eligible for testing opportunities. Next, our company’s Extra Life team is doing their final stream of 2021 over on Twitch tonight. If you’ve got the time, join The Andromeda Initiative over at twitch.tv/andromedagalactic at 8:00 PM Eastern for a couple of hours of Among Us. If you like, you can also visit our Extra Life page and make any last-minute donations to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.

With that, we’re going to let you all get back to your Friday! We hope you’re having a fantastic month, and whichever holiday you celebrate has been a good one!

We’ll see you in January!

The Lore Link Team
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