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Hello! Mark Della-Croce, Lore Link Product Lead. Exciting things happened in February, and even more cool stuff is happening in March, so let’s get to it!

Streaming-wise, we went through a variety of games, both planning and playing! We started the month by focusing on two community-focused TTRPGs, the superhero system Tide Breaker (sorry for the misspelling last month!) at the beginning of the month and the cyberpunk system Hard Wired Island. The actual play crew really liked the retro-futuristic vibe of Hard Wired Island, so you’ll see us playing that game today (March 15th) starting at 12:00 PM EDT on our Twitch channel. We closed out the month by playing some cool TTRPG-related video games, beginning with Barony, a great 90s-feeling game combining elements of the rogue-like Nethack and FPS classic Hexen! After that, the following week saw the release of a game on streaming day that was too good of an opportunity to pass up: PowerWash Simulator Warhammer 40k DLC! Our social media guru Tony joined Mark to clean up a Land Raider while discussing the weirdness of 40k Lore and fond memories of dealing with superglue and tiny bits of metal and plastic!

Screen cap of PowerWash Simulator that shows Mark's power washer pointed at Tony, and Tony spraying Mark with his.

Clean your fellow PowerWashers of treasonous thoughts, Adept!

If any of these sound fun, but you missed the live stream, never fear! Our YouTube channel archives all our past streams, so you can catch our Hard Wired Island planning sessions, our power washing, or even older adventures (like when the team stormed the North Pole). You can also catch Mike continuing his series on planning a Quest for Frozen Flame campaign, the next installment will be on April 1st (no fooling!) And remember, our Twitch channel is now at Twitch Affiliate status, which means you can subscribe to gain access to some pretty cool Lore Link emotes!

Emotes for Lore Link's Twitch stream, including a d20 on fire, a d20 in jail, a d20 surrounded by a rainbow heart, a wizard saying POGGERS, and a crying barbarian.

All these could be yours for the low, low cost of an Amazon Prime Twitch Sub!

Development-wise (that thing I’m doing when I’m not working on newsletters or live streams!), we released a minor patch to fix some of our small, annoying bugs. This patch fixed the following issues:

  • Inability to associate newly-created Game Objects with Lore
  • Inability to delete some Lore
  • Inability to lockdown input to typed Custom Fields

If you’re an Early Access member, these fixes are live now. If you encounter any additional bugs, please use the contact form or the Discord Support section to notify us! If you’re not an Early Access member, there might be an opportunity to join us very soon!

As usual, at the end of the newsletter, I like to keep people updated to where you can see Lore Link in the wild. Last month I announced that we were heading back to Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio. I also mentioned a great convention in Lore Link’s backyard called Who’s Yer Con. I’m proud to announce that Lore Link will not only be in attendance at the convention but we will also be a proud sponsor of this year’s show! The first thousand attendees will receive a flier granting free access to Lore Link for three months during Early Access! (Note: unlike Kickstarter backers, this Early Access does not grant access to Discord or carry over when Lore Link goes live. Sorry!)

The Lore Link logo, with an image in the corner reading "Platinum Sponsor".

So glad to help sponsor an excellent gaming convention in Indiana!

It feels like each month is just busier than the last! I’d better get back to work to keep things moving! Until next time, remember to adjust your Time Stop spells for Daylight Saving Time.

Mark Della-Croce Lore Link Product Lead
March 2024