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Welcome to June!

These last couple of months have seen us draw closer to a new version of the Lore Link alpha. When we first released the alpha, that didn’t mean development stopped in the background. We’re excited to announce that we’ve entered into internal testing on the next release of our alpha version of Lore Link. What does this next release have? The biggest thing users will notice is that the Templates and Custom Field features we’ve discussed previously in April (Which, if you missed it, can be viewed on our website! Read about Templates and Custom Fields here.)

Having this enabled in our alpha testing will make it easier to build out full campaigns quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we’re also updating our system to now include rules system references. This system will let us build in references to online System Reference Documents (SRDs) allowing you to build references to those tricky rules situations that you run into. So your awesome action sequence at the bottom of a lake can have a built in link to the Underwater Combat section of the rules document or that complicated chase through the crowded streets of Neo London can include a link to the Driving rules so that can keep the action flowing at the table.

So what’s next? After we release the next version of the alpha testing, we’re going to start putting our tools to the test ourselves! In next month’s newsletter we’ll detail plans about how we plan to start streaming our product in action! That means streams where I will walk through my general planning process for a game session and how use Lore Link to help. Then we’ll show how well those plans work when confronted with the forces of chaos that will be our Lore Link players! So stay tuned for that! You can go ahead and follow us on Twitch over on the Lore Link channel if you want to be ready. Follow Lore Link on Twitch here.

Well, I’m back to the dice mines! May your players not the split the party just this once….

Mark Della-Croce, Lore Link Product Owner
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