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This is a world wrapped in deep forests, where humanity lives in the shadows of the great trees.

Here, there are special plants whose roots reach deep down to the Fount of Magic. Drinking from this mysterious pool fills them with wondrous powers. Such plants are known to the dwellers of this world as Herbs, and each and every one possesses mystical powers; some that bless the lives of humanity, and some that wound and curse.

Some humans borrow the magical power of the Herbs by taking the plants into their own bodies. These are they that strive to maintain balance and harmony between all who live in the great woods.
The people of this world call them Floria, and they stand between the world of humanity and the endless green of the woods; living in and supporting both worlds with their magic.

You are an adventurer, an explorer of the labyrinthine magic woods.
You are a mediator, keeping the peace between the mystical plants and the villages living in their shadows.
You are a mage, wielding the power that flows through emerald paths within you.
You are a Floria, one of few who chose to walk the verdant way. (Floria: The Verdant Way Main Page)


The Crazy Cake Caper

Actual Play

Mark takes the Lore Link team on a wonderful little adventure finding herbs in a Magic Forest to help someone bake a cake. This should go smoothly, right?