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Feng Shui is a martial arts-themed role-playing game, designed by Robin Laws, published first by Daedalus Entertainment and now by Atlas Games. The game shares its setting with the collectible card game Shadowfist. The system is simple, with most detail being in the game’s combat system. Combat is made to flow quickly, moving from one action scene to another very quickly. It was inspired and based on Hong Kong style action movies. The characters begin at a high level of skill, as appropriate for protagonists in the source films.

After a successful Kickstarter, Atlas Games released a Second Edition of Feng Shui in late 2015, on the eve of the game’s 20th anniversary of publication. (Wikipedia)


Attack the Pole

Live Play

Part One

Mark introduces the Lore Link team to a holiday adventure that plays like a holiday action movie!

Part Two

Mark continues to run the team through a holiday adventure, as they take the fight to the North Pole and Santa’s Workshop!

Part Three

In the final Actual Play game of Feng Shui 2, will the team be able to wrap up their fight in Santa’s Workshop, and find the source of the Christmas Disturbance?