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Honey Heist is a tabletop role-playing game by Grant Howitt about bears in disguise stealing honey from a honey convention. The mechanics are based on Lasers & Feelings by John Harper (designer of Blades in the Dark). Honey Heist has featured in 3 episodes of Critical Role, one episode of Dungeons and Daddies, and a special episode of Tales from the Stinky Dragon. It has been a top seller on Itch.io’s physical games section since 2017 and inspired new designers to make their own games. It also has a popular response on the Tabletop RPGs subreddit.

Honey Heist is known for being simple to learn and easy to run, with quick character creation. The rules are designed to fit on a single page. Each character’s only stats are “criminal” and “bear.” The game is played with a six-sided die. (Wikipedia)


Honey Con 2023

Actual Play

Martine Dowden leads the Lore Link team as they attempt to infiltrate Honey Con 2023 and make off with the Queen Bee.