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Old Information for Posterity

In celebration of the one year anniversary of our successful Kickstarter, we’re doing a giveaway!

On JULY 1, 2024, we’re going to take everyone on our email list, throw their names in a hat, and draw

  • seven (7) lucky recipients of a six-month Multiverse-level subscription
  • and three (3) one-year Multiverse-level Lore Link subscriptions.

Part of the early access crew? If you win, we’ll work with you to either update or extend your membership as appropriate!

Make sure we aren’t getting sent to your Spam folder! The email address you use to sign up will be the email address we reach out to if you’re a winner, and if we don’t hear back from you within ten (10) business days then we will have to pull another name out of the hat to replace you, and no one wants to be replaced!

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