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Often times when you create a piece of Lore, you’ll find yourself repeating various parts of it. Maybe 90% of a Creature’s description is the same, but there 5 different versions of it. Maybe a Location uses the same Map, but has a different description. Or maybe there’s a common set of custom fields you want to add to a Player based on the Game System you’re playing in. Creating a Template will help you speed up your creation process by giving you a common starting ground. You’ll be able to make other Lore based on a Template you’ve created. Then you can choose which fields you wish to remain linked to Template and which fields you wish to be independent. From then on, any changes to the template will be instantly reflected in all Lore that you have linked to the Template that still has that field linked. So, for example, if you want to set up an Event Template for your Villain who appears multiple times through out the game, you could set up a custom fields detailing their minions. Then for each appearance, you could customize the description to reflect the setting, while being able to update the minions of the villain in just one place and have it reflected in every event of appearance of the villain.