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Something else that varies from system to system are the various locations, factions, secret cabals, monster races, etc., that you might intertwine throughout your story as you build it. If you’re running a World of Darkness campaign for example, it might be important to keep track of what people, places, or even events in your city are being run by which supernatural group. Is this part of the city run by vampires? Is this political fundraiser secretly run by wizards, and if so which group of wizards? That’s why we created the Tag system. Create a Tag for the vampires and be able to quickly identify what assets they own in your campaign. Create a Tag for a city to make it easier to identify which town that particular safe house is in. You’ll also be able to quickly see and add new Tags from the Tag interface next to the Lore’s name at the top of the page.

A screenshot of an example Tag hierarchy for a supernatural-themed game