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We know that there’s far too many awesome systems out there, whether published by a big company, an indie press, or that incredible homebrew you’ve been working on for years (you’re doing great, by the way) for us to be able to design for all of them. So, to that end, we’re making sure that every piece of Lore has the option for Custom Fields. Maybe you want to track weight for all the items in your system, feel the need to record some extra details for a particular villain that doesn’t really fit into our default “Description” field, or want to add some system specific fields. For example, let’s say that you’re setting up a tense kidnapping Event in an airlock hallway in a space station. If you’re using the FATE system for example, you might want to record environmental aspects the players can invoke or list some ideas for skills the players and NPCs might use during the contest. Simply add these custom fields to the Lore, and now you can break them out in an easy to read format for when the Event goes down.

Now you might be thinking that it seems like a bit of a pain to add all of these fields every time you want to create a system specific piece of Lore. And you’d be right! So that’s why we made sure that Custom Fields work with Templates. So if you want to create a FATE specific Event Template for all events that take place on the Space Station, you can set up fields for Environmental Aspects that can be invoked or compelled, response times for NPC security forces, and other items that would be important to any Events that took place on the station.